Hung Andy Van Chu

Vietnamese INorth America


  • Major Long Nguyen
  • Captain Tinh Nguyen
  • Captain N. Nguyen
  • Lieutenant Quan Huynh
  • Lieutenant Sieu Nguyen
  • Lieutenant Michael Do (US Navy)
  • Corporal Son Nguyen (US Marines)


  • Tam Le - Producer, Writer, Director, and Editor
  • Randal Crow - Videographer
  • Joseph Walker - Videographer  

Special Thanks:

  • Dr. Hung "Andy" Chu (
  • Dr. Marianna Long
  • Lt. Trung Le
  • Mr. Toan Vu
  • Mr. Long Huynh   


19th Annual National Congress of Vietnamese Americans Convention  


“Your documentary was impressive, and I learned a great deal. My only question would be the overwhelmingly positive views that the officers expressed about dealing with American soldiers. In almost every work of combat literature or memoirs on the war - with the notable exception of General Schwarzkopf - American military men frequently express frustration and disappointment with the ARVN soldiers... “

Dr. Thomas Schwartz 

Professor of History Vanderbilt University 

“Mr. Le, I did have a chance to review the program and found it very informative and worthy of a showing here at the Missouri History Museum.” 

Barnes Bradshaw 

Missouri History Society Coordinator

“Your film is excellent and very rare. I have spoken at many venues, especially universities, and believe your work will add tremendously to the studies of the Vietnam War and the Vietnamese American story.”  

Quang X. Pham

Author of “A Sense of Duty: My Father, My American Journey”

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​​​Tam Le Films:

A Reunion of Soldiers (A Vietnam War Reflection)

Người Lính Hội Ngộ (Phản Ảnh Cuộc Chiến Việt Nam)

30 Phút, DVD. Có Phụ Đề

Nhân dịp Đại Hội Thủ Đức tại New Orleans,  Tâm Lê Films có thực hiện một cuốn phim 30 phút, phỏng vấn một số Sĩ Quan QLVNCH gốc trường Võ Khoa Thủ Đức, để nói lên những suy tuy của họ về cuộc chiến Việt-Nam.  Rất nhiều trường Đại Học và các cơ quan khác đã mua cuốn phim này để làm tài liệu giảng huấn hay tham khảo.  Cuốn phim này rất đặc biệt vì nó cung ứng những điều thầm kín của cuộc chiến mà các sách báo Mỹ không đề cập đến.

Xin bấm vào đâyđể xem đọan phim giới thiệu cuốn phim này.

Tam Le Films:

A Reunion of Soldiers (A Vietnam War Reflection)

​​30 mins, DVD

The year 2005 was the 30th Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon. A reunion was held in New Orleans for alumni of the Thu-Duc Military Academy which provided 90 percent of the officers and generals in the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN). I attended this reunion and interviewed several officers to get their reflection of the Vietnam War, thirty years later. They discussed the politics involved, the American troops, the Hue and My Lai Massacres, the re-education camps, the quick surrender, and the loss of their land. I also interviewed two second-generation Asian-Americans who are currently serving in the US military. They discussed growing up in America and how they remember the soldiers who fought and lost.

This documentary is unique and rare because it provides insight to the war that is not commonly available in text books or other resources. Most only cover the war from the perspective of the US or the North. This documentary will close the gap and enable individuals and educators to understand and lecture the war from all sides.

If you have questions or comments about my documentary, please send me an email: 

Tam Le Films